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Yard Talk
grass, dirt, trees, flowers, veggies, mulch, water, rock, compost, pruning, heirloom, sun, shade, herbs, succulents, and the list goes on.
We always like to share short cuts, advice and how we do it here with our customers and followers so we are adding this page just for that. We would love to have you ask questions or suggest subjects you would like to hear about. Please email us with ideas you would like to know about. If we don't know the answer we will find it for you. 
We leave some old post on here due to good information you can use anytime of year. 

March 12, 2015 What a difference one week makes, last week we were sliding around on the ice, this week thinking about getting our summer clothes out. Have been pushing herbs and tomatoes to mature ready for April soil. And now to the yard to apply pre-emergent to prevent summer weeds. Applying this both Spring and in the Fall as part of your regular lawn maintenance keeps you from pulling and spraying weeds, both hard on your back. After a few years of routine application you will notice a decrease in your weed population. 
 A few things to keep in mind, pre-emergent keeps seeds from germinating so don't use in flowerbeds or veggie gardens you plant annual seeds, Zinnias, marigolds, squash,etc. 
Happy Spring everyone, May all your weeds be Wildflowers.

March 30, 2015 
The grass is green, the roses are out and the Hummingbirds are back, and yet the Mesquite Tress refuse to show a sign they feel safe from another freeze. I have seen a buzzard or two but no Scissor Tails. Is this a sign we still may have a frost?, not sure but I'm being cautious. I have hung my airplane plants and put a few geraniums on the porch but have left things in the greenhouse that may be hard to move or cover if a frost is forecast-ed.
Good Friday is this week and  is when I was taught to plant, never before unless protected. I would still advise it's ok to plant as long as you can cover. We open this weekend but veggies and herbs still another week away from being ready. However if you are looking for flower perennials we have Lantanas Galore, Yellow Bells, Salvias and Plumbagos. We also have tons of succulents, for great table top planters. The famous Lemon Geranium "Citronella" to help keep the Mosquitoes away. Hanging Baskets full of color with Bougainvilleas, Mouse ear, Airplane Plants and much more. Come take your pick and brighten your porch for Easter, never know when you need a place to hide an extra egg. Have a Blessed Easter and hope to see the Mesquites out soon. 
April 17,2015 
A West Texas Transplant! Had a customer last week purchasing Tomatoes commenting "hope they do better this year". Inquiring what problems he was having, learned he moved here from the Carolina's last year and immediately I knew what the problem was. First I gave him a big "Welcome to West Texas" greeting, that's what us natives do, then explained Full Sun in West Texas is different than Full Sun on the East Coast. When you see this on plant tags, here it means Full Sun until about 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. then a little shade is appreciated by our veggies, so full west exposure is not recommended. Also explained compost and mulch is a must for our arid environment and soil. I could tell when the light came on by the twinkle in his eye and excitement in his voice about planting his veggies this year. We also discussed raising the mower to allow deeper root zones by summer and by watering a full inch at each watering would be more beneficial and last a week between watering schedules. Overall he left feeling a little more confident his landscape could thrive in West Texas. 
Following Earthkind Landscape Principles can make us all proud of our yards.  
To all you West Texas Transplants, Howdy and happy gardening, the challenge is worth the reward.   
August 30, 2015
Forgiving Succulents, they are amazing. I'm no expert on succulents and until recently didn't have an attachment to this plant species. Most I've learned by accident. But I have come to appreciate them more and more. We started working with them as people kept bringing me cuttings, now we are over stocked. Pintrest surely has jumped on board with many ways to creatively arrange them, making them a must have in any plant nursery.  
They are forgiving little souls in the garden, forget to water, no problem, they store there own in their leaves, To much sun, no problem, they may change color, just move them to a little more shade. 
What I've learned; these little guys make great additions in many ways to the plant world. Additions to multiple plant baskets, pots or any fun re-purposed planter. Perfect in any Fairy Garden design.
Water them only when an inch dry, They do not tolerate full sun, not in West Texas anyway, keep in a part sun area, if inside make sure they have a window location for light. Remember they do grow, so those tiny little succulents you used to make that tabletop dish will soon be outgrown and not stay in-bounds long. 
We have many leaves drop from plants and will find on the floor with roots already started, giving them excellent propagation success. 
Although resistant to most flying insects they still do get mealy bugs, do not treat with oily products, use insect soapy water and rinse well. Do not sit in water or keep soil wet, they do not like wet feet (roots) and will get mildew and rot. We recommend a succulent/cactus mix soil when planting to improve drainage. 
We'd love to share all the many varieties, but not enough room you will have to come see for yourself. Ready for some cooler weather, may have to put a succulent in a pumpkin for Fall. 
Bipolar Weather, it's here. Over the weekend had beautiful high 70's - low 80's days. Gave us time to do some cleaning out of our beds, trim trees and assess winter damage. Noticed many perennials poking their heads out, mostly the Lantanas. Covered well with mulch knowing freezing temps will soon return. Also noted top several inches of soil are dry, I'm sure due to lack of rain and high winds. Sign for a deep watering, even with a chance of rain in the forecast this next weekend, I say go ahead and water if it rains all the better, will just allow water to absorb deeper and last longer. 
Now is a good time to make plans for any new hardscapes or planting beds. Winter is a good time to create hardscapes ( new patios, rock beds). Prepare new planting beds now, so they are ready to plant once frost chance is gone. 
Remember being water smart, AKA conservative,  does not mean you have to totally get rid of your turf, just decrease to a manageable area, eliminate turf here it is hard to mow, around mailbox, electrical boxes, between driveways you share with your neighbors or between houses. Just this little bit will decrease the amount of water you need to use in the landscape.  
Enjoy the warm days outside, plan during colder weather inside and pray for rain daily.