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Concho Natives Gallery
Airplane Plants, Baskets and Quarts
African Blue Basil 3'x3' Annual
Autumn Sedum
1' X1' Mounding
Bougainvillea Baskets and Gallon
Bush Morning Glory
4' x4'
Tropical/Butterfly Milkweed
1' x1' Semi-Annual
Bulbine 1' x 1' 
Cape Honeysuckle Vines
4' x 4'
Trails as grows 1' tall
Darcy Sage
2' Tall Spread easily
Daylilies, orange
Geraniums, Pink, Coral, White, Red Limited
Centennial Geranium 
1' x 1' Annual
Ice Plant Yellow or Pink
Lantanas: Confettin4x4 , New Gold 4 x 4, red 3x3, Trialing Purple1x1
Lemon Geranium
Citronella Annual
Mexican Feather Grass
Mexican Hummingbird
Mounding 1'x2'
Mouse Ear Jew
Peppers: bell, Jalapeno
Blue Plumbago
Potato Bush
4'x 3'

Purslane assorted colors
Snake Plant, Shade or indoor for pots
Texas Star Hibiscus
Tall up to 4-5' 2-3' spread
Tomatoes Assorted Varieties
Yellow Bells
Narrow Leaf 5'x4'
Mints, Herbs, not all pictured.  Dill, Fennel, Basil, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary .